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iBrand is one of the leading Social Media Marketing Company In Pune which offers ideal social media solution for your business to achieve online goals.

Social Media is the numero uno medium for online marketing and Brand building today. I Brand, one of the top social media marketing company in Pune, has the best brains to make the maximum out of it, just for you.

I Brand has come up with dedicated social media marketing services in Pune, for the optimum use of Social Media, to market your business and create the right perception amongst the existing and potential customers.

We happen to be amongst those social media companies in Pune, that offer the best i.e. 100% results in SMM, when its BRANDING and PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT via SOCIAL MEDIA !!!

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

As the name suggests, Social Media Marketing (SMM) primarily involves the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., for increased visibility and traffic to your website.

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What you gain from I Brand, the Social Media Marketing Services In Pune?

Increased Customer Base via Inbound Traffic

Unless you market your business on social media, the inbound traffic you get is bound to remain limited to your usual set of customers. Our services assure you an increased customer base

More Brand Awareness

If you are looking for the most cost effective method of marketing, Social Media is definitely one. Social Media Marketing is amongst the methods used for syndicating content and thus increase brand awareness through greater business visibility.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Social media is a powerful communication and networking platform that can become the voice of your business. Communicating through such platforms is important for creating brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

By availing to I Brand's SMM services, you can gain from these and other benefits offered by Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing From iBrand

Best SMM solutions for Branding and Perception creation of your business
91 %

Brand Monitoring

94 %

Social Media Contests

93 %

Social Media Management

96 %

Setup & Custom Profile Design

The Magic of SMM

Just having a strong and an appealing business profile on the popular social media platforms out there, can be considered as half the job done! Reason?

It helps in brand building and promotion. Also, provides credibility to your name and business. A powerful medium through which prospective customers can easily get associated with you. Social Media platforms offer your business with a wider customer base, owing to the presence of a large number of individuals on it.

Social Media is nothing less than magic in todays times, as far as Branding and Perception building of your business is concerned.

I Brand, the social media agency in Pune, is the MAGICIAN you need, to weave this magic for your business!!!

We are also specialist in SEO and offering SEO Services In Pune.

Spectrum of SMM Services from I Brand

I Brand’s social media marketing services in Pune, comprise of the following:

  • Transforming you into a bigger brand
  • Research has revealed that almost 50% of brand perception depends on what a company says and how effectively does it say. We will do the saying for you, using SMM.
  • Increasing the reach of your products and services by marketing your brand on Social Media.
  • Widen your customer base with the help of social media

We at I Brand, achieve this through a spectrum of SMM services like…

Profile creation and management

I Brand is a social media agency in Pune having a team that expertises in business profile creation and management on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., and will do it for you.

Social Media integration on the website

Whether your business site is social media enabled? RSS feeds for development of a friendly environment for marketers, bloggers and visitors in general. Enabling a community to get information straight from the source, is the reason SMM is fundamental to achieve social media success.

Social Media Analysis

Our team will be thoroughly monitoring the social media channels, ensuring that you are aware who all are discussing about you, what they are thinking and talking, and whether it is in your favor. This guarantees you are constantly ahead of the discussion, prepared to respond at whatever point you have to.

Just being a brand is not enough. It’s all about what people perceive of you.

Remember, your reality is not what you are, but, the customer’s perception!

and the A-Z of Social Media Marketing is what we do, to achieve this for you…..

Regardless of what you cater and who is your target audience, we would make sure that your Brand flourishes with the help of Social Media. Increased traffic, enhanced brand awareness, more number of leads and partners for your business is in the making with I Brand, the social media marketing agency in Pune.

When its SMM, consider it done from I Brand, the established social media marketing company in Pune !!!


It’s Much Easier To Double Your Business With Us. Let’s Talk

Our team of professional SMM experts is the perfect partner for a successful business partnership.

About iBrand

Ibrand, the latest venture from CRBtech, came into being with the intention of providing top quality, one of a kind Brand and Perception building services to its clients. The idea of iBrand originated from the fact that there happens to be a dearth of agencies in India, that offer quality Brand and Perception creation dedicated services. 

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